PHPUnit: Good Practices

Most of us are creating unit tests every day. We often use PHPUnit for that. But are we using it properly? What can we improve, and what to avoid? How the framework has evolved over last years? What are the newest best practices and how to start follow them?

Introducing the Gutenberg content editor for Drupal 8

Drupal needs a modern UI for rich content creation. This fall WordPress 5 is out with the brand new Gutenberg editor, a decoupled React based editing experience. It works great! And: It's open source, so we ported it to Drupal. Combining Drupal and Gutenberg is a killer combination, empowering content authors to build rich landing pages inside a rock solid CMS framework. All Drupal project owners want to provide the best editing experience possible for their users.

Drupal 8 Inside Out

A closer look at what happens from the moment Drupal receives a request for a resource, through interactions with Symfony components and eventually returning the desired response.

Profil instalacyjny - jak nam pomógł?

Dzięki profilowi instalacyjnemu w Drupal 8, możemy dostarczyć między innymi wstępną konfigurację dla naszej witryny. Pokażę, na przykładzie case study, w jaki sposób może to przyśpieszyć proces developmentu. Nawiążę również do specjalnego rodzaju profilu instalacyjnego, jakim jest dystrybucja Drupala.

How to create dynamic layouts with Layout Builder

Drupal allows developers to create layout by using many different tools and approaches. In this session I will guide you through the quite new module in Drupal 8 core - Layout builder. We will discuss evolution, of this module and its further future. I will present, how to configure and use Layout builder.
We will see how this module encourages atomic design by creating flexible layouts from components directly in your code.

The Promises and Pitfalls of Drupal's Cache System

With version 8, Drupal delivered major improvements in the way content could be cached and expired. For the first time, significant caching is possible for dynamic pages and authenticated users. However, the caching system can be complex and confusing. Developers can inadvertently negate the advantages of Drupal’s cache systems and, even worse, create security and information disclosure holes. This presentation will provide an overview of Drupal’s cache layers and will cover best practices when theme-ing and customizing Drupal to avoid common errors and to maximize performance.

Frontend Architecture for Scalable Design Systems

How do you build and manage a design system’s frontend architecture that is both scalable and maintainable? The typical tools and techniques for approaching design systems often break down when trying to scale across multiple sites, integrate with dynamically injected content, or keep the system up to date. Many of these technical boobytraps aren't discovered till late in development, but can be avoided through progressively decoupled components.

A new Drupal website for the Italian Registry

The case study of the Italian Registry focused on project management. With its 150,000 unique visitors per month, the website is the most widely used platform in Italy for checking the domain names availability. The "whois" feature is flanked by a typically content-oriented structure to communicate and promote the Italian Registry and the .it domains.